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30 Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

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This excellent article for teenage girls (or, indeed, any makeup novice) is broken down into sections on skin care, makeup, makeup products and hair care, and is full of great advice.

Importantly, before jumping into the tips themselves, the article makes a point that cannot be overestimated : ‘confidence and self-esteem are also important traits in regards to beauty’. We totally agree.

Applying Eye Makeup Without Brushes – Beginners Tutorial

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Now, this is an interesting tutorial! And, though we’ve titled it as being for beginners, there is probably something to be learned by everybody in this one. Interestingly, the tutor developed this useful skill because she, though she spent time watching other artists’ video tutorials, didn’t actually have any brushes of her own!

Each step is illustrated.

Tween Make Up Tips

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We tend to get quite a few emails from our younger friends on ElegantMiss, asking for a little more content directed especially at them. So, who are we to argue?

We have found an excellent general guide directed at young ladies entering their teen years, and were particularly struck with this introductory advice, which is an admirable principle for us all to adhere to :

‘in your tween years it is important to devote more time to the proper skin treatments and that you skip the basic skin enemies as inappropriate make up products’

The article has sections on skin care, make up base, eye make up, lip make up, and blush. So, all of the key basics are covered.

7 Makeup Essentials for Teenagers


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Ok, you will all have guessed that Lip Gloss figures in the 7 essentials. But, what are the other 6? We like to cater for girls and women of all ages, so we thought that some of our younger visitors might like an article just for them!

Whether you have no clue as to what should comprise the bare essentials of your first make up kit, or even if you are just curious to compare your existing kit to our list of essentials, we are sure that you will find this article informative!

So, Your Teenager is About to Wear Makeup for the First Time?!


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Do you have a teenage daughter who is about to start wearing makeup? For her Prom? Or merely because she has now reached the age where many factors concerning her journey into womanhood now come into play, particularly those concerning her self-image?

We found the information in this article to be practical and meaningful. It begins by posing the question When is it appropriate to let your teen start wearing makeup? and goes on to cover the essentials that should comprise your teen’s first makeup kit.

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