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30 Second Fix for Dry Hands

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Here’s a very brief tip from Anne Turk, a celebrity makeup artist. In fact, it will probably take you about as long to read her tip as it will for you to put it into action – it’s that simple.

Daily Skincare Routine – Tutorial

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I wonder how many of us just drift into a daily skincare routine, rather than adopt a method that has some logic and reason behind it? Well, here’s a very helpful presentation that might give you some pointers.

The presenter is Andrea from the AndreasChoice channel on YouTube, the video lasts for a little longer than 10 minutes, and is well worth you spending this time watching it.

GlamGlow Mud Mask – Review

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Firstly, this stuff isn’t cheap. The 1.2 oz SuperMud will set you back by some $35.

According to the manufacturer, this is ‘the world’s most scientifically advanced super mud clearing treatment. Clinically developed by Glamglow dermatological chemist to help fight all common skin concerns. Glycolic acid – helps restore photo damaged skin and improves skin texture.’

Actually, it has a great reputation with many users, but how does it stand up to being reviewed?

Amazing Acne Coverage Routine

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This is an inspiring presentation from acne-sufferer Liz, on her iheartmakeup92 YouTube channel.

As you can see from her before and after photos, she is definitely worth listening to. The video is a long one though – 14 minutes.

How to Prepare Skin Before Makeup

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Here’s some excellent advice from a top industry professional, who states that her preparatory routine is one of the most important aspects of applying her makeup. Moreover, she expects all professional makeup artists to share this view.

The 5 Top Hand Creams

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Given the ordeals that we put our hands through on a daily basis, their care and maintenance can often be a mere afterthought. Even if there are no visible signs of dryness or ageing, a daily maintenance program is essential.

Noting that these products may be available in various sizes – and a larger or smaller version may well cost you significantly more or less than the indicative prices displayed : here are our Top 5 Hand Creams.

Chocolate – Is It Really Bad for Our Skin?

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Chocolate is bad for your skin, and is a primary cause of acne – fact…or mere myth?

Well, whether we know for sure or not, most of us have either reduced our chocolate intake at some point – or avoided it all together – due to fears of an acne breakout. So, why not see what a medical professional (from the Duke School of Medicine, no less) has to say on the matter.

Actually, we were a little surprised to read what the good doctor had to say about limes and celery (amongst others). You probably will be too!

BB Creams – What Are They and Why Use Them?

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BB cream stands for all of the following : “blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm” (due to trademark issues in Korea for the word “blemish”), and in Western markets, “beauty balm”. Though having its roots in Southeast Asia, the popularity of BB Creams has grown enormously in the West over recent years.

So, do you want to learn all about them? And, do you wish to see a tabled comparison of a range of BB creams?

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