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Elegant Miss is Now a Sephora Affiliate

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ElegantMiss is delighted and excited to be an official Sephora affiliate, which allows us to promote Sephora products, hot deals, and special offers to our readers and followers.

We are particularly proud, given that Sephora affiliation is currently available by invitation-only, and this invitation was extended to us yesterday.

Ends Tomorrow – 25% Off Online Purchases of $50 at Sally Beauty


As an official Sally Beauty affiliate, we get advanced notice of occasional offers etc.

Here’s a deal that will only run for a day or so, and we’ll remove this post when the offer expires (on 16th July @ 11:59pm EST).

Just click on the link below if you wish to take advantage of this hot offer :

Save 25% off online purchases of $50 or more at SallyBeauty.com. Use code 555201 at checkout! Some exclusions apply.

If you are wondering what EM being an affiliate means to you – well, we will potentially get a small commission from Sally Beauty if you use our link to take advantage of their offer(s). Importantly, this costs you nothing, and you still get to enjoy the advantages of the offer.

Do We Really Need to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?


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We all know that we need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, right? But do we?

Rather than repeat this oft-quoted law, we decided to go to a medical professional and get to the truth of the matter. Let us just say that the truth could surprise you (might the good doctor be telling us that current best practise actually recommends more than 8 glasses?). Well, what we can say is that the doc also mentions one of our bodies most powerful mechanisms – one that automatically kicks in when we need to take on more water. Can you guess what it is? Yes – it’s called being thirsty!

Why You Need to Play It Safe With Make Up Testers and Samplers!

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You need to read this. Really – you do.

This is a cautionary tale from a professional make up artist, Emmalene Sophia, regarding the un-thought of risks we take when shopping for make up. Nearly everybody applies product from testers or samplers to their skin – and Emmalene details actual cases of bacterial and viral infections etc. that this practise has brought about.

Happily, she also provides us with 5 Tips On How To Play It Safe Before Trying A Make Up Tester.

Like many professionals, Emmalene paid her dues working on the cosmetics counters. So, she speaks from experience.

10 Fun Facts About Beauty Products


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Did you know :

1. The use of eyeliner exploded in popularity following the discovery of the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutenkhamen.

2. Toothpaste in ancient times would often contain human urine, whose ammonia content would bleach teeth!

3. The ball-point pen was the inspiration for roll-on underarm deodorants (in the 1950’s).

4. The growth of the advertising and marketing industries (1900-1920) is largely responsible for the initial development of virtually all cosmetics that remain in use to this day.

5. Some red tints used in cosmetics (particularly some shades of lipstick) were originally produced by grinding the bodies of certain insects!

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We've Launched!

As the title says…we have launched the website, and are super excited about it. Be sure to like us on Facebook, so we can keep you updated on all things makeup and beauty related!! And, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the ‘Comment’ link at the end of this message.

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