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Celebrity Makeunders – Prettiest Star Transformations

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Firstly – no – Lady Gaga is not on this list, LOL!

We are so used to seeing beautiful celebrities so heavily burdened with makeup (and we say this in a complimentary way, for the most part) that we sometimes wonder why they do not choose to capitalize on the natural beauty that lies beneath.

Well, this selection of photos merely serves to illustrate just how fabulous some celebrities can appear with a look that is more an enhancement of their natural beauty. Our favorite is probably Ke$ha.

Eva Longoria’s Makeup Artist Talks – And Lists Products Used

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Now, this is interesting. Lauren Clark is a celebrity makeup artist, with the qualifications and experience that only serves to underpin her reputation. Having been a make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics, she is also able to list luminary clients such as Seventeen Magazine, Guess, and Beach Bunny Swimwear.

Lauren was, in her own words, ‘very fortunate’ to have none other than Eva Longoria request that she take care of her makeup for an event in Chicago recently.

Kate Middleton – See Her Look-Book

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Well, in terms of celebrity gravitas, there’s none to match the British Royal Family. And, could their stock be any higher following the recent birth of baby George Alexander Louis?

Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) is very well known for her tasteful sense of elegance and style. And we have for you ‘look-book’ which is so indicative of her exemplary appearance.

The Hottest Latina Beauty Looks

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Yes – of course J-Lo features on the list. But who knew that Bella Thorne was Latina?! In fact, we are told that Spanish was her first language growing up.

But there are a total of 9 on this fascinating, illustrated list – can you guess who the others are?

You Can Get the Kim Kardashian Look – Tutorial

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This is probably the most sought after look on the planet at present, and – judging by the amount of internet traffic on this very topic, it has been for some time. This is a wonderful tutorial, which will walk you through all of the necessary steps to get that trademark bronze smokey-eye with red lips effect – à la Kim herself.

The tutor is none other than Carli Bybel, whose outstanding work many of you will be familiar with. And, aside from the video tutorial, Carli has also published a complementary page on her website, which you can see right here.

Enjoy! :

How to Get the Gwen Stefani Look – Tutorial

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This is a great tutorial from Sharon Farrell, who is based in Sydney, Australia (by way of Ireland). Her work is outstanding, and some of her transformations are truly astonishing – including this one.

This video tutorial, will take you step-by-step through how to get that iconic Gwen Stefani pinup look. And, if you want to take a look at some brilliant still-photos that complement Sharon’s video, you can get these here, at her website.

Either way, enjoy her tutorial :

How to Get Those Kim Kardashian Silver Smokey Eyes

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You can’t even imagine the sheer number of websites and blogs we trawl through each day (someone’s gotta do it, right?!). But, one of the sites we absolutely love browsing, is Corallista, which is run by Ankita, whose own model-looks beautifully illustrate the outstanding content – and sheer volume – of her tutorials.

If you are looking to emulate Kim Kardashian’s sultry, silver smokey eye look…then we have found the tutorial for you.

Though Ankita wrote the tutorial for those with brown eyes (she is naturally brown-eyed herself) the effect would be easily adaptable for those with a lighter shade – though this is probably not required anyway.

Twiggy’s Mod Eyes. Get the Look!

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Wow! Can you believe it? Twiggy – the style icon of the 1960’s – is now in her 60’s. But her look is timeless. And, in terms of make up, it’s all about the eyes…the instantly-recognizable eyes.

So, we have found you a fully illustrated guide to help you get that look, courtesy of and Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess.

And all you need is a mirror, your favorite mascara, and an eyeliner.


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