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30 Second Fix for Dry Hands

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Here’s a very brief tip from Anne Turk, a celebrity makeup artist. In fact, it will probably take you about as long to read her tip as it will for you to put it into action – it’s that simple.

10 Minute Booty Shaking Waist Workout

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Let’s get some motivation into our lives! I’m thinking that we can all squeeze an extra 10 minutes into our days – even if it means getting out of bed a little earlier. After all, what can be a greater feeling in the morning than jumping into the shower after completing a short, but brisk, workout! It’ll set you up for the day.

And, besides, just think of the inches you will be losing!

Anyhow, the presenter of this awesome 10-Minute Booty Shaking Waist Workout is the ever-popular TiffanyRotheWorkouts channel on YouTube. Come on now – no excuses!

Chocolate – Is It Really Bad for Our Skin?

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Chocolate is bad for your skin, and is a primary cause of acne – fact…or mere myth?

Well, whether we know for sure or not, most of us have either reduced our chocolate intake at some point – or avoided it all together – due to fears of an acne breakout. So, why not see what a medical professional (from the Duke School of Medicine, no less) has to say on the matter.

Actually, we were a little surprised to read what the good doctor had to say about limes and celery (amongst others). You probably will be too!

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

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Without wanting to deter you from those eagerly-awaited trips to your favorite beauty shop, every person (male or female, for that matter) should have a basic knowledge of a correct method for maintaining your feet and toenails.

And this 4 minute video tutorial will certainly accomplish that. The basic steps are clearly explained, and the techniques demonstrated. It’s brought to us by Seventeen Magazine.

How to Care for Your Feet

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Tired, sore, or swollen feet? Well, as this excellent article starts out by stating, ‘good health starts with happy feet’.

This piece not only goes through the various day-to-day ailments associated with our feet, but also suggests exercises which might ease any pain or fatigue. Better still, there’s a routine provided that commences with a relaxing foot-soak, and ends with a lovely nail treatment.

Wax-On Wax-Off – Hair Removal Do’s and Dont’s

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Don’t we all just love those disposable razors? Nicks and cuts aside, they do a good enough job and cost next to nothing. Waxing, on the other hand, actually removes hair follicles right out of the skin. Now, they will return – but not for some weeks. Shaving – on the other hand – is so much more short-lived.

Well, this article is for those who choose to get waxed – whether on an ongoing basis, or as an occasional treat.

How to Test Makeup at the Beauty Counter

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We all do it – after all, it’s an essential part of being a makeup enthusiast. Moreover, the stores and cosmetics manufacturers invite us to be actively involved at the beauty counter.

This article is actually very good, and might just be the answer to one of those little questions that you’ve never bothered to ask; or, it might even tell you something that you didn’t already know.

An Easy Routine to Keep Your Feet in Top Condition

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Well, aside from the times we decide to wear sandals or the like, our feet tend to be enclosed in a pair of shoes for most of the day. This is particularly so in the cooler months.

However, we should be taking good care of our feet throughout the year. And, even if time is tight, it doesn’t take much to work a regular foot care routine into your busy day or week.

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