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20 Beauty and Fashion Trends We Want to See Go Away

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Pink frosted lipstick? Ok. But we are not sure that we agree with everything on this list. After all, what’s a girl to do without her faux Versace jewellery?

Anyhow, this wonderfully illustrated list of supposedly outdated fashion and beauty trends is a lot of fun!

Fashion Trend of the Moment – Black, White and Red

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Black, red, and white – a timeless combination. But, as is evident from watching tv and reading celebrity magazines, this classic mix is well and truly a contemporary look.

This illustrated article provides you with some wonderful photos of celebrities who have succumbed to the look.

MAC ‘Illustrated’ Collection All Over Brush Kit – Review

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Many of you will have seen, or read about, the (Nordstrom Exclusive) MAC ‘Illustrated’ All Over Brush Kit.

This kit includes :

– 168 SE Large Angled Contour Brush (1 1/4″W x 5″H).
– 287 SE Duo Fibre Eyeshadow Brush (1 1/4″W x 5″H).
– 224 SE Tapered Blending Brush (1 3/4″W x 5″H).
– 219 SE Pencil Brush (1 1/2″W x 5″H).
– 266 SE Small Angle Brush (1 1/2″W x 5″H).
– Brush roll crafted with pocket, flap to protect brushes and two small open pouches secured with an easy and efficient ribbon closure (6 1/2″W x 4″H; 8 1/2″H when open).

Well, we have a review for you.

The 9 Best 60-Second Makeup Tips

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60 second makeup tips! Well, that has to be good, right?!

I barely have time to make a cup of coffee in the morning, so if there is anything that will save me time in my daily routine – then, I’m all for it.

Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

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‘Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses’ : well, those famous, tongue-in-cheek words were spoken by the great humorist Dorothy Parker in the 1930’s – a time when you fairly much had choice between wire-rimmed and black, bakelite spectacle frames!

But, those days are long gone, with spectacles being available in every conceivable fashion, color and style. In fact, they have become an essential beauty accessory for many.

Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush – Review

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The Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush, according to Chanel, is ‘ideal to take powder and apply it precisely it to the skin. The result is an impeccable, perfectly smooth and even makeup finish’.

In terms of maintenance, all that is required is to wash the brush with soapy water and to air dry. Well, that couldn’t be simpler!

This item is, apparently, already readily sought after in Paris, and is expected to hit the US sometime in August. In the UK, it is selling with a retail price of anything up to £35, or thereabouts.

How to Make a $4 DIY Jewellery Hanger!

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Hands up all you you who suffer from a syndrome called ‘my necklaces get tangled on my jewellery tree’? Ok, enough – hands down!

In the interests of remedying this serious condition, and to save a few dollars, we have found an ingenious DIY solution that not only looks great, but is simple to put into action.

All you’ll need is clearly illustrated in this guide, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

Hosiery – To Wear or Not to Wear?

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Now, there’s generally no argument about whether or not to wear hosiery in the cooler seasons. And why would there be? Spring and summer on the other hand tempt a lot of us to ditch the stockings or pantyhose and opt for bare legs. For comfort, right?

But, are there any ‘rules’ or guidelines (or just plain sensible advice) out there to let us know if this is a fashion faux pas or not? Actually, there is. And we have it for you.

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