How to Make The Mother of all Natural Face Peels

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Today, we have for you a guide to making the big-daddy of home-made face-peels. And the method is ridiculously simple!

There are a few variations of this recipe, and – whilst those who follow this method swear by its benefits – results can vary. Some people have even reported good results by substituting almond milk for the regular milk that this recipe calls for. What is certain, is that many chronic sufferers of blackheads have found this to be the most effective method of removing them clear out of their pores.

Now – a word of caution. Making this product involves heating the raw mixture up in a microwave. Please, please, please, take particular care before applying this to your face (or any other sensitive body part, for that matter!); though the product needs to be applied very quickly after heating, try a little on (for example) the back of your hand first to avoid burning, or any other unfavorable reaction.

And a second word of caution. If you do not want to lose eyebrows or other facial hair, or, if parts of your skin are especially sensitive – think twice about using this method. Eyebrows have been lost or unintentionally “groomed” – so, you have been warned. A worthwhile precautionary measure would be to apply a little vaseline to your eyebrows or other sensitive parts, to avoid a strong adhesion.


Ok, so that’s the disclaimers over with! Here’s what you will need :

  • 1 tablespoon of powdered/granulated, unflavored gelatine (any brand
    will do);
  • 1-2 tablespoons of milk;
  • a few drops of your favorite essential oil (optional);

Notes :

  • with experimentation, even a leaf or two of a sheet gelatine could suffice;
  • the essential oil is optional. You might like to add a few drops to mask the unpleasant smell of the concoction, but it’s not necessary. Remember, though, that you will be applying this to your skin – so think carefully about what you are adding!
  • you might like to have some tea tree oil or witch hazel to hand, to reward your skin once the peel has been removed!


Have your ingredients ready and – importantly, if you want to maximize the effects of the peel, give your face (or wherever you are going to apply the mask) a thorough wash. This helps with adhesion, and can improve the overall results.

So, here’s how things look before we start :

Once you have the gelatin in your (microwave-safe) mixing container, add 1-2 tablespoons of milk and give your concoction a brisk stir with a spatula or any (preferably disposable) stirrer. I tend to use 1 1/2 tablespoons myself, but your mileage may vary. If this is the first time you have made the this mixture, I would suggest that you try 1 1/2 tablespoons of milk – you can always make adjustments next time around.

Step 1 – mix the ingredients

So, here is what your mixture will resemble, in terms of texture (it’s a little like the ‘gludgy’ texture of flour and water). It will mix very quickly, by the way – a few seconds is all it takes.

Remembering that this peel must be applied quickly after heating, give one last thought to your preparations : have you prepared your skin with a good warm wash and dry? Do you have handy the spatula (or other instrument) that you will use to apply the peel?

Note that, though my photo (above) includes a bottle of a natural, scented oil, I tend not to add a few drops until the mix is heated; after all, who wants to eat a microwave dinner smelling of sandalwood?! So, I recommend that you add any oil after the mix is out of the oven.

Step 2 – microwave the concoction

Remembering that not all microwaves are created equally, give some thought to how long you will set your timer for. I have a fairly high wattage unit, and heat for 15 seconds on the High setting. Now, don’t get too hung up on this – the ingredients for this cost next to nothing, and the mix only takes a minute or two to prepare. If you make a mistake, or get your estimates incorrect – start again!

Anyhow, you will notice that once you take the mixture out of your microwave, its consistency will have become much smoother (still slightly thick…but smoother). A number of people have complained about the smell of this mixture and , I’ll not lie – it doesn’t smell pleasant – but it’s really not that bad. Either way, you’ll see for yourself.

Here’s what the mix will look like, straight out of the microwave :

Remember, if you wish to add any scented oils, this is a good time. But, be quick – this stuff hardens very quickly!

Step 3 – apply your mask to your skin

Apply the gloop to your face with your spatula, aiming for a smooth coverage. Don’t make your mask too thick, as the drying time will be just too long! In fact, it might not dry sufficiently if you do this.

Step 4 – wait! Let your mask dry thoroughly

You will need to avoid scrunching your face up or making any facial expressions for at least 30-45 minutes, but you will know when the mask is ready because you will have difficulty in doing so anyway!

I have read of people getting excellent results by quickening the drying time by using a hairdryer, and – to be honest – I cannot think of any reason that this would not work. So, if you are in a hurry, you could give this a try.

Step 5 – peel that sucker (literally!) off

Important – remember, the point of this mask is that you have a skin peel. So resist the temptation to wash it off. Only wash off the final remnants that you cannot peel. This part can hurt – it can hurt real bad, LOL!  At this point you will learn how skilled you are at applying a mask whilst avoiding eyebrows and any other sensitive parts of your face!

If you are wondering what the peel looks like when it comes off, here’s a small sample that I applied to my (clean) forearm, for illustrative purposes. Oh – the lemon? It’s only there to give you a sense of scale!

Step 6 – reward your skin

We all love manufactured products, but this is the time to reward your skin with a thin application of tea-tree oil or a generous coating of witch hazel! Wonderful.

Easy huh?

P.S if you liked this article, you might like the follow-up, where we give you the easy, but fantastic recipe to tighten up those pores you just cleansed. You’ll find it right here :


68 Responses to How to Make The Mother of all Natural Face Peels

  1. Bronie says:

    Hey there,
    I am just wondering if it is possible to make this face peel using altenatives to gelatin like Agar Agar or Pectic. I am not comfortable using gelatin due to its animal components.
    Thanks for your help

  2. sarita says:

    wondering can this be made with a double boiler since I dumped the microwave many many years ago?

    • ElegantMiss says:

      Hi Sarita – I guess that using a double boiler would be ok. The objective is to heat the concoction, so any method of achieving this should be viable. If you try this, do let us know how you get on. Thanks for the question!

  3. Carie says:

    Yes, I too do not have a microwave. Can I hear the milk and then add the gelatin, or as mentioned above, can we use the double boiler trick?

    • ElegantMiss says:

      Hi Carie – I have tried your suggestion successfully before, but I have to say that I do prefer to place the cold mix into the microwave. I get a better consistency. Good luck!

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m a license esterticion I make all my products from scratch and all organic. You can cook it over the stove top. Use low Heat. Melt slowly. Be careful with the essential oils. Some can be to harsh. I personnelly prefer organic herbs made it into a strong syrup texture. For acne use licorice root. Or. Crush up red rasberrys strain them. For dry skin use aloe gel, Or honey, camomile, or make a mixture of all!!!! Good luck!!! I also like peppermint for many astringent uses!!

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m a license esterticion I make all my products from scratch and all organic. You can cook it over the stove top. Use low Heat. Melt slowly. Be careful with the essential oils. Some can be to harsh. I personnelly prefer organic herbs made it into a strong syrup texture. For acne use licorice root. Or. Crush up red rasberrys strain them. For dry skin use aloe gel, Or honey, camomile, or make a mixture of all!!!! Good luck!!! I also like peppermint for many astringent uses!!

        • Jennifer says:

          Another tip. To not pull out hairs. Put a thick covering over the hair areas. Like easy (patrolium jelly). Collagen cream. Make a cream using coconut oil with cornstarch. Or another simple covering plain old cholesterol!!!!!! Good luck. Coat the hairs areas thick!!!!! Even line your head hair line!!!!

  4. Tiffany says:

    If there’s leftover mixture, can it be saved and reheated for another day?

    • ElegantMiss says:

      Hi Tiffany. I’ve never tried to keep any mixture, But I’m guessing that it would get a little hard and bad-smelling.

      • Tiffany says:

        Yeah, that was my concern. I will have to cut the recipe in half for me. I tried this and had a lot left over. No need to waste so much.

  5. Melanie says:

    I was wondering if it mattered what type of milk we used- non-fat vs. vit. D?

  6. Gaz says:

    Is there a reason you can’t put the tea tree oil or witch hazel into the mix instead of the essential oil? would this not mean that as the mask works (hardens) the TTO/WH is absorbed by your skin etc.
    or would it just not work?

    • ElegantMiss says:

      Hi Gaz – the witch hazel is used after the mask is removed, whereas the essential oils are actually in the mix primarily for fragrance.

  7. Harli says:

    Was wondering, have you tried, using say Vaseline (bleh) or coconut oil on your eyebrows help with it not ripping your eyebrows out?

    • ElegantMiss says:

      Harli – yes, absolutely. As you will see in our article, we do suggest using vaseline as a precaution. Coconut oil (or similar) would likely work just as well.

  8. Victoria says:

    Can this be used as a substitute for waxing? Seems if it will accidentally rip out eyebrows, it should be useful in removing unwanted facial or body hair???

    • ElegantMiss says:

      Victoria – I like the way you think! However, I doubt that the thickness of the mask would make it suitable for removing anything other than ‘soft’ hair (e.g. eyebrows). In principle, though, a thick enough application might work.

  9. Johzara says:

    I had excellent results with this peel… loved the look and texture of my skin after it. Thanks!

  10. Robin says:

    Major word of caution – yes avoid the eyebrows BUT also any place that has the fine hairs like the sides of your face it hurts like you have no idea like to the point of tears to remove from this area. So stick to the nose, chin and forehead.

  11. Lyn says:

    What an interesting idea. Was wondering if this would work on my feet? I know you can buy a chemical mix that peels your feet beautifully and have been searching for something homemade and less toxic. Anyone had any thoughts on this, or did I just volunteer my feet??

    • Rachel says:

      Foot peel:

      Soak your feet in a mixture of 1 cup Epsom salts and very warm water for a good half an hour.

      Make a paste of uncoated aspirin(Salicylic acid)and lemon juice – apply this to your feet (you can use an old bristle pasty brush to do this).

      Wrap your feet in gladwrap (you may want to heat a damp towel in the microwave and wrap this around the gladwrap for a while to help the process), or just pop some socks on over the gladwrapped feet.

      Leave this on for as long as you can, a few hours or whatever, rinse off and apply a moisturiser.

      A couple of days after you’ve done this the skin should start to peel off your feet. YOu may need to repeat this process a few times.

  12. Nanu daniels says:

    Hi i was wondering if after the peel i could use vaseline instead of the witch hazel?

    • Karen says:

      Vaseline on any part of the body is not a reward for the skin let alone healthy! Vaseline is made of petroleum. Use either olive oil or coconut oil instead. I personally use coconut oil and my skin loves it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Will this help remove pimple marks?

  14. Rei Valdestamon says:

    Will this help remove pimple marks?

  15. Janice Weber says:

    Do you know what this peels effect is on acne, and acne scars? Ice pick scars in particular?

  16. Amanda says:

    I have one thing to say about this………….OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW. I know you said to expect some pain, but I think this was a little above my thresh hold for pain. I love the results. My skin is extremely soft, but I think I’m just too big of a baby for this one.

  17. lisa says:

    Can I put this under my eye area?

    • Rachel says:

      No, never put it under your eye area. The skin is far too delicate there and you will stretch and damage it as you pull the mask off. It also has no benefit for this delicate skin. Avoid delicate areas of the face at all costs. Should really only be used on forehead, nose and chin. If used on the cheeks it can break small veins in the face as you pull it off leaving those red ‘threads’ in your skin.

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  19. George says:


    I tried this for the first time yesterday and couldn’t peel it off. It just broke instantly as I started pulling, probably a 0.5cm piece in size.
    So it therefore took me like 20minutes to peel this stuff off my forehead.

    What can be the reason for this? Drying time? And how do I correct this in the future?


  20. Chandra says:

    I just wanted to say that I was skeptical about using this recipe because all of the facial peels that I have used in the past weren’t worth any amount that I paid for them. They didn’t adhere to my skin for any decent length of time and I never saw any results that made me believe that they worked.
    After trying this peel, I can say that I’m a believer. I didn’t experience many of the bad things that I have seen on here and the peel only lifted, lightly, around the edges of my lips, so it adhered fantastically.
    I’m not sure about the others but the smell is bearable and I didn’t lose any facial hair (even the few random ones that I was hoping the peel would take).
    If you peel this quickly, it does give quite a tug to your skin (which might be actually bad for it) and stings like removing a Bandaid but in a much broader area.
    If you peel slowly, it doesn’t hurt at all.
    I used the full Tbsp of gelatin and 2 Tbsp of milk (2%) because it looked too dry. This made too much and maybe it ended up a little thinner than what ElegantMiss’ version was so, next time, I think I’m going to halve the gelatin and quarter the milk and see where it ends up.
    Also, has anyone done this with lemon juice added? I know it’s part of the next step but the acid in lemon juice could make it more like a “chemical” peel and help with the mildly bad odor.
    Anyway, ElegantMiss, I just wanted to say Thank You for such a great and simple recipe. It works brilliantly.

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  22. Yolanda says:

    I just tried this peel and let me tell you, it did work! It definitely stung while peeling it off. Also, my face is pretty red after I peeled the mask off. Is this normal? If so how long should I expect my face to be red?

  23. Yolanda says:

    My face is also feeling burned, is that normal? Would appreciate a reply

  24. Tanya says:

    I absolutely love this peel!!! Ive tried it twice within the last week. Thats why my question to you is hiw often should this peel be used? I would like to add that it hurts like hell to peel off, but the results you receive are magnificient!!

  25. rizvi says:

    How often can i use it? Daily or twice a week. Is it effective for pigmentation as well? If yes than how much time require to minimize the pigmentation

    • Jennifer says:

      I personally wouldn’t use it more than 1x per week. Using anything can over work the subashious glands.
      At first if removing acne no more than 2x per week. Then after that once weekly. Then every other week.
      Just my opinion. Good luck

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    been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
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  29. Connie says:

    I tried this yesterday and it worked great. It did hurt some coming off but I think that is to be expected with any peel. I will definitely be using this again. My skin was so soft afterwards.

  30. Dee says:

    Can you use almond milk?

  31. JGurl says:

    Just an FYI…while almond milk or other liquid may work, the reason behind the dairy milk is that it contains Lactic Acid which would help with exfoliation.

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  33. Gail Ross says:

    Wow, this is great. Did it exactly to instructions but no essential oil, didn’t think it smelled too bad. Peeling it off was fine, bit of a sting but no worse than threading or waxing your eyebrows. My skin feels absolutely lovely and using the witch hazel is a really good tip,calmed it down a treat. Thank you will pass this on to my friends.

  34. meriaha says:

    how long does your face normally stay red

  35. Ellen says:

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    will earn my first cash online

  36. Yvette says:

    i have a lot of light, white and some not so soft facial hair. How will this work? I don’t wax all of my face but more than just the lip, chin and brow areas. Should I just forget about trying this?

  37. jean says:

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