DIY Facial Pore Tightener – Kid Sister to Our ‘Mother of All Facial Peels’!

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Today, we have the follow up to our recipe for making The Mother of All Natural Face Peels.

Meet her kid sister!

Except, what we are doing now is fixing to make a skin-astringent face mask that will now close up all of those nasty pores we left open when cleansing our skin with the face peel.

Again – just as we mentioned in the face peel recipe – there are a number of variations of this recipe; but the basics are all the same – we are going to use a natural acid to make those pores want to pull faces, clench their fists, and close their legs together! But, we are also going to reward them with a gentle, relaxing natural anti-oxidant and moisturiser.

A word of caution. If you have just exfoliated your face (especially by using our face peel recipe) then wait for up to 24 hours before using this method, depending on just how sensitive your skin is. If you don’t, then you risk subjecting yourself to some pain – yes, I said pain! If you think that you can stand the discomfort, then fine; just keep a cool, wet facecloth nearby. LOL! I speak from experience!

But – joking aside – lemon juice is a highly acidic solution, so use some common sense and take extreme care! Watch out for your eyes, in particular.

Right, let’s push on…


Here’s what you will need :

  • 1 lemon (though, most any citrus fruit can work);
  • a teaspoon or so of honey;
  • you might, like me, also want to have some witch hazel handy to relax and soothe your face when you’re done.

Notes :

  • nearly any store-bought honey will do, whether it is a pale ‘set’ honey, or a ‘runny’ honey;
  • I love to use Manuka Honey, when I have it. Manuka is a New Zealand native tea-tree, and the honey can be very expensive – so, this is merely a preference, not a requirement.

Here’s how things look for me before I start (note that the bottle in the background is Witch Hazel) :


Cut your lemon in half and choose one piece. Now, take a spatula, knife, or whatever, and spread a reasonable measure of honey over the lemon (see below) :

There’s no set rule on how thick your honey needs to be – but don’t have it so thick that the juices from that lovely, fresh lemon aren’t going to get to your skin. In short – just make sure that the surface of the lemon is covered as if you were buttering a piece of bread.

That’ pretty much it, insofar as preparing the mask is concerned.


Now, rub the lemon all over your face – avoiding your eyes, of course – squeezing it gently as you do so, to release the lemon juice. Pay a little extra attention to the tops of your cheeks, your nose, and your chin, as these can be magnets for blackheads!

You’ probably want to relax for around 20 minutes to a half-hour, in order to let the mask do its work. Remember, if you are suffering any sharp pain during the ‘treatment’, wash the mask off immediately with water. Otherwise, once your time is up, wash off the mask with luke-warm water and (optionally) apply either a good coating of Witch Hazel or any other gentle skin moisturiser.

This treatment can be carried out regularly (every 2-3 days or so, if you desire, and some of the reported benefits of repeating it are that facial skin has lightened a little and gained a ‘natural’ level of hydration.


We have, as you can see, prepared a face mask. As a variation, you could just as easily mix the juice of a lemon (rather than the lemon itself) with a tablespoon of honey and prepare an astringent lotion that will almost likely work as well. But the same words of caution apply here : you are deliberately applying an acid solution to your face. Be careful!

P.S. You will very likely be interested in the ‘prequel’ to this article, which you will find here :


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