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How to Whiten Teeth at Home

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This must surely be one of the most-watched health & beauty related videos in the history of the internet, LOL. But, for those of you who haven’t seen it, this demonstration is fascinating. The tutor is lizlizlive on her YouTube channel. For good reason (and like liz), we are certainly not recommending that any of you follow this advice without consulting a dental professional.

The video last for around 8 1/2 minutes.

Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails

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Did you know that Christian Louboutin’s famous red soles were inspired by an employee’s nail polish? This look is unbelievably simple but is just looks so amazing. All you need is a Red Nail Polish, a Black Nail Polish (to test it, maybe use the cheaper Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish) and Makeup Remover. It feels a little uncomfortable to start, but the reactions your nails get makes it all worth while!

Make Your Own Map Nail Transfers

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This nail transfer is so easy yet it looks so amazing. In this tutorial you are shown how to make a nail transfer using a paper map. It is such a cool idea you can probably use this to create cool comic nails or anything you want!

DIY Makeup Magnet Storage Board

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This is another amazing storage idea for your makeup. If you have various cups, baskets or drawers filled with your cosmetics bits and bobs, this could make your life a lot easier – as well as being an awesome wall feature. All you need is a magnet ready board (you could even use a Magnet Dry Erase Board), a frame, and Magnets. This is perfect for the makeup you use every day at home, or possibly the ones that you would like to display if you want this to be more of a feature in your room.

Nail Polish Storage – A Great Ikea Solution

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Do you have a large collection of nail polishes, most likely in a huge bowl or a drawer scattered and dis-organized? Like us, you have probably shopped around for an ideal rack for your nail polishes. If so, you will have noticed that most store-bought solutions can be very expensive.

How To Fix Broken Eyeshadow

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How many of you have eyeshadow you keep in your handbag that has broken into a thousand pieces? I’d say we all have at least one! You probably try to put it back together as best you can using your jigsaw skills but I’m sure the next time you use it, it’s back to being in endless pieces. There is actually a very easy way to fix this, you will never know it was broken, and it will stop you from having to buy another eyeshadow!

DIY Facial Pore Tightener – Kid Sister to Our ‘Mother of All Facial Peels’!

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Today, we have the follow up to our recipe for making The Mother of All Natural Face Peels.

Meet her kid sister!

Except, what we are doing now is fixing to make a skin-astringent face mask that will now close up all of those nasty pores we left open when cleansing our skin with the face peel.

5 Homemade Skin Treatments for the Summer

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I know we all love the summer time and spend as much time in the sun as we can, but naturally this also has its downfalls, especially on our skin. Aside from the obvious sunburn, your skin can also be left feeling dry, irritable and just not very fresh. We have compiled 5 Homemade Skin Treatments that will help your skin to feel fresh, stay hydrated and also prevent breakout of pimples and blackheads.

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