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5 Reasons Why Your Hairdresser Hates You

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Firstly – this is just a little fun from UK blogger, Charlotte. And, it’s literally a 30 second read. But, I wonder how many of us will recognise ourselves in this short piece…?

The Big Secret Behind Hot Rollers

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Hot rollers – though many of us got caught up in their popularity and bought a set, I’m guessing that, for the most part, they sit in a drawer.

If this is the case with you, then you should read this article.

The 11 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Well, we have to admit that we really didn’t expect to be surprised by any of these. But – in all honesty – Sienna Miller’s secret takes the cake (or, in this case, the french-fry, as the case may be). Lady Gaga’s, on the other hand…well, that does make sense.

Either way, some of these are just downright weird (as it says in the title, I guess)!

Ouidad Wave Create – Review

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Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray, according to Ouidad, ‘gives hair that windswept, sexy and flirtatious look you love after a day at the beach. Ouidad’s exclusive wave-making complex of natural seawater and mineral-rich sea salt crystals create tousled texture while plant-derived humectants lock in waves’.

So far, so good – but how does it stand up to being reviewed?

NARS Releases Fall 2013 Hearts LA Set

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From NARS : ‘For Fall 2013, NARS debuts a new limited edition gift set, based on the glamorous city’s top-selling shades. Elevate any look with four evocative Eyeshadow hues and the brand’s iconic Deep Throat Blush and Laguna Bronzing Powder for cheeks – paired with cult favourite Nail Polish and Lip Gloss shades’.

This is sure to be popular.

Stick-On Eye Makeup? Wow!

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We were interested in reading about the range of stick-on eye makeup from Coloron Professional recently. We’re not sure what to make of it exactly, though – given false nails and lashes etc. already prevail – perhaps the concept could be on the brink of gaining traction amongst the many, many women who are pressed for time in the mornings; or who need a quick re-vamp before leaving the office or a night out.

Cost, too, will always be a consideration.

Chocolate – Is It Really Bad for Our Skin?

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Chocolate is bad for your skin, and is a primary cause of acne – fact…or mere myth?

Well, whether we know for sure or not, most of us have either reduced our chocolate intake at some point – or avoided it all together – due to fears of an acne breakout. So, why not see what a medical professional (from the Duke School of Medicine, no less) has to say on the matter.

Actually, we were a little surprised to read what the good doctor had to say about limes and celery (amongst others). You probably will be too!

How to Remove Makeup Stains

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More often than not, makeup stains on our clothing are not impossible to deal with. But, from time to time, we get a stubborn mark or stain that just will not shift.

So, here’s an informative article that might save us some time or effort in the future. Better still, we might learn what not to do to make a problem worse.

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